Native HTML5 Autocomplete with Datalist

This article shows how with the HTML5 datalist element and input list attribute you can easily set up an input box with a custom autocomplete without jQuery, JavaScript or similar.
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How it works

Add the list attribute to an input field and then create a datalist element. The list value should be the same as the datalist id selector.
The browser's inbuilt autocomplete is switched off via the autocomplete attribute. Remove this and the browser's autocomplete is displayed below the HTML5 autocomplete suggestions.

Browser support

The datalist element and input list attribute are supported in Chrome 49+, IE11, Edge 16+, Firefox 58+ and Chrome for Android 53+. As yet, there's no support in Safari and iOS Safari, but input boxes with the list attribute work as standard and datalist is ignored.

There is a minor bug in Chrome where long lists of options are unscrollable, resulting in unselectable items. So be aware, and test.

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