Tipue Search Help

Tipue Search is a site search jQuery plugin. It's free, open source, responsive and fast.

Tipue Search only needs a browser that supports jQuery.



Tipue Search documentation.

Common issues

We come across a few common problems when installing Tipue Search that are easy to miss.

Search doesn't work in Static mode

The most common problem is incorrect installation. Check everything is in the right place using the included Static mode demo.

The next most common issue is malformed content. Check your content in tipuesearch_content.js is valid at JSONLint or similar.

Search doesn't work in Live mode

Live mode is subject to the Same origin policy, so remember you can only index pages on the same domain.

Your site has to be installed on a web server for Live mode to work.

Search doesn't work in JSON mode

The most common problem here is malformed content. Check the validity of your JSON content at JSONLint or similar.

Your site has to be installed on a web server for JSON mode to work.