Tipue Search, a site search jQuery plugin
Tipue Search is a site search jQuery plugin. It's free, open source, responsive and fast.


Tipue Search documentation.

Live mode

Live mode indexes your site when Tipue Search loads. It requires a list of pages to index, but no other content. Live mode is subject to the Same origin policy, so can only index pages on the same domain.

Live mode uses the DOM extensively, so doesn't work well with some sites, and is particularly unforgiving with malformed pages. At present, Live mode is only suitable for smaller sites with less than thirty or so pages.

Your site has to be installed on a web server for Live mode to work.

The code for displaying the search box is the same as for Static mode, while the following should be included in the <head> section of your search results page.

The tipuesearch_set.js file should contain the following array with the pages on your site. You need to include every url, as Tipue Search doesn't drill down folders.
The following code displays the search results, just as in Getting Started.
Call the .tipuesearch() method with the mode set to live. Include this at the bottom of the page.
In Live mode, there are two additional arguments for the .tipuesearch() method. liveDescription uses a selector containing the descriptive text, while liveContent uses a selector containing the content to be searched. The default for both these arguments is the complete text of the page.
The above grabs the descriptive text from the header class and searches the container class. The header class can be inside the container class, and vice versa.

The liveDescription and liveContent arguments can also contain more than one attribute. They should be separated by commas. The first attribute found will return the content.