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Tipue Search is an open source site search engine jQuery plugin


Tipue Search documentation

Version 6.1

Tipue Search with HTML5 autocomplete

Tipue Search can be used with the HTML5 input list attribute and datalist element. Read our blog post on native HTML5 autocomplete if the concept is new to you.

Add the list attribute to the Tipue Search input field and then create a datalist element. The list value should be the same as the datalist id selector.


Using both browser autocomplete and HTML5 autocomplete

In the previous example the browser's inbuilt autocomplete is switched off via the autocomplete attribute. Remove it and the browser's autocomplete is displayed below the HTML5 autocomplete suggestions.
The datalist element and input list attribute are supported in Chrome 49+, IE11, Microsoft Edge, Firefox 47+, Opera 40+, Android browser 4.4.4+ and Chrome for Android 53+. As yet, there's no support in Safari, but input boxes with the list attribute work as standard and datalist is ignored.

There is a minor bug in Chrome where long lists of options are unscrollable, resulting in unselectable items. So be aware, and test.

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