Tipue Search help. Tipue Search is a site search jQuery plugin. It's free, open source, responsive and fast.
Getting Started
Download Tipue Search and copy the tipuesearch folder to your site. You should look at the demo included with Tipue Search.
You should first create a search page. The following should be included in the <head> section of your search page.
The first line loads jQuery via Google. The second line loads Normalize.css, a library that forces browsers to render elements more consistently.

The following lines load the content to be searched, the Tipue Search CSS, the Tipue Search Options and finally the Tipue Search jQuery plugin.

The code below creates a search box, and can be anywhere on your page. Search results are displayed in the tipue_search_content div.

The site content is stored in the tipuesearch_content.js file. It contains the search data as a JavaScript object.
You can create a JavaScript object for your website with Beaty. After your site has been indexed copy the content into a new text file. Save this file as tipuesearch_content.js.

If build your content by hand, note that the last record doesn't end with a comma. Some characters may need to be escaped, such as " or \. These should be preceded with a backslash.

For the full skinny on creating content see Content for Tipue Search.

Finally, you need to call the tipuesearch() method. Include this towards the end of the results page.

And that's it! Tipue Search is a powerful tool, and this is just the basics. So please read on.