Tipue Search help. Tipue Search is a site search jQuery plugin. It's free, open source, responsive and fast.
Content for Tipue Search
The search data for Tipue Search is contained in the tipuesearch JavaScript object. Usually this is stored in the tipuesearch_content.js file, but it doesn't have to be.
You can create a JavaScript object for your website with Beaty. After your site has been indexed copy the content into a new text file. Save this file as tipuesearch_content.js.
If build your content by hand, note that the last record doesn't end with a comma. Some characters may need to be escaped, such as " or \. These should be preceded with a backslash.

A JavaScript object has properties. These can be seen as variables attached to the object. Or you can see properties as fields in a database.

The tipuesearch object properties

The title of the page. This is a required value.


The content of the page. Obviously, the most searched tipuesearch object property. While hugely important, it isn't mandatory.


The url of an image that will display in the search result. This can be a full or partial url.


Short, searched text values that don't display. Items should be separated by spaces.


Content that shows below the search result. Not a searched value.


The url of the page. Both a searched property and mandatory. This can be a full or partial url.

You can store the tipuesearch JavaScript object in any file, or even not in a file. The Tipue Search script just has to have access to the tipuesearch object.